AGRY_GAYA’18 Project

Establishment of a circular type industrial enterprise for organic silk and further utilization of waste products from primary production as high quality secondary raw materials.

The sustainability processes and goals where the resource efficiency and circularity in materials and input use are going to reduce pollution and waste and contribute to sustainable consumption and production, our answer to this challenge is within the AGRY_GAYA’18 Project.

The AGRY_GAYA’18 Project involves eco-design, eco-innovative processes, waste prevention and reuse of materials for next step of the manufacturing process, based on one of the highly renewable resources that are with less impact in the environment – organic silk.

“Resource efficiency alone is not enough … What is needed is a movement from linear to circular material flows through a combination of extended product life cycles, intelligent product design, and standardization, reuse, recycling and remanufacturing.”, Erik Solheim, the Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme.”