Silkworms feed exclusively on mulberry leaves. The unconsumed leaves along with Silkworm litter and fecal matter make first grade compost – organic fertilizer that can be used on the Mulberry plantation. Silkworms consume large amounts of Mulberry leaves that are supplied by the Mulberry plantations. Mulberry trees are pruned, the leaves are fed to the Silkworms and the branches that remain are processed into pellets.

Mulberry pellets are produced without the addition of chemicals, have excellent properties and are considered to be environmental friendly solid bio-fuel.

One hectare of Mulberry trees produces 4 metric tons of branches equal to 28.000 Kcal on an annual basis. The biomass produced can cover the energy requirements of the Sericulture Unit and/or can be exploited commercially.

The insects are valuable part as well in the Biomass production.