Partnership and Investment Opportunities

Bio Company Lopyanko is working with academic and technology business partners in order to fulfill the goals of AGRY_GAYA’18 Project to reach an annual production of about 500 tons of fresh cocoons, 60 tons raw silk quality 2A – 4A, 12 tons grade-less raw silk, by-products silk sericin and protein powder and to open more than 100 permanent jobs, together with around 120 places for temporary seasonal employment.

In addition, the economic importance arising from applications in agribusiness, our raw material /silkworm of Bombyx Mori/ is the main lepidopteran used in scientific research, a genetic resource capable of elucidating a wide range of biological problems. Recently, the cocoon of the B. M. and its main proteins, fibroin and sericin, have been the subject of researches that have shown the importance of use in the field of polymers, biomaterials, cosmetics, and food industry.

Building the plant in Bulgaria and all open possibilities for the Danube Region, the Bio Company Lopyanko will participate and be part, together with all its partners to contribute to sustainable economic growth and decent work for healthy environment, decrease the poverty, equal human rights, zero waste and pollution, keeping our planet safe and prepare the future of our children.

Please, see below more details on our business model.

Business Partnership

The local business partners, advisors and Bio Company Lopyanko set up together the business model and technological processes in order jointly to manage the business.

Our company provided technological knowledge of the full circular economy processes, together with the construction design of the plant, operational management activities and logistics, together with the diversified distribution and sales, based on significant experience, while the local partners & advisors worked over the Research and Development of our product line and innovative products.We design business schemes to promote collaboration with different partners in accordance with the needs of their local business environments that can lead to mutual added value effect.

Investors Partnership

Our team will be responsible and take the full package of responsibility actions to fulfill the mid-term strategy of the company.

We are planning to build the plant and install equipment for the P1, P2 and P3 products till end of 2019, including to start organizational process to develop the large scale industrial and family farms in the Region with local government authorities and partners’ support.

Moreover, we will create new innovative products for the Food Industry, rebuild the sericulture in the Danube region and contribute with additional value to agricultural sector with significant social impact. Investors, who are interested of our vision and mission and able to support our activities, are warmly welcome on board.

They can be a part of the sustainable circled development project AGRY_GAYA’18 Project with very positive and sustainable global impact and to be a bridge for the future generations.

Joint Development Partnership

Our company and the potential partners can collaborate and further develop Circular Economy Manufacturing processess of well-designed and diversified product portfolio with high level of value added.

A local joint Partherships with Romania, Greece, Turkey and other neighbor countries are welcomed to share jointly expertise, resources, knowledge, workforce and common infrastructure with main purpose our AGRY_GAYA’18 Project to be a bridge for Regional agricultural development, healthy environment, sustainable production patterns and use of all natural common resources as water, air, Danube river and agricultural land.

Moreover, all Universities in the Region are welcome for partnership with possibilities to use the laboratories and equipment, together with the Educational center, based on the territory of the plant, for students’ educational programs and practices & exchange programs.

Academic and Research Partnership

We are looking International Academic support, Universities and Research Centers, related with further joint research and activities in order to complete the know-how development of our innovative products and they to be ready for market launch and international distribution. The main area for the Academic and Research Partnership is related with human health, feed proteins and new recipes, based on by-products from insects manufacturing processes.

The last achievements in this area are related with human microbiome and the gut health, as well the future demand for resources and the relation with livestock and feed. There are already other possibilities for animal feed, where the insects play crucial role.

Additionally, we are looking for Partners in the Medical Tech field to cooperate with knowledge and experience to design technologically bio-based polymer with specific characteristics for medical purposes and applications. Silk sericin is a natural polymer produced by silkworm, Bombyx mori.

Silk proteins can be processed into a diverse set of morphologies with a great potential for various applications. The properties of sericin allow its application as a culture medium and cryopreservation, in tissue engineering and for drug delivery, demonstrating its effective use, as an important biomaterial.

Biotechnologically produced silk proteins will allow the preparation of a new generation of protein-based biopolymer materials with properties for many applications in different industries.

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We are looking for partners in the following areas:

  • Cocoons producers/industrial or family farms;
  • Research Institutes in the field of agri-innovations, tech textile;
  • Textile, Sericulture & Silk Universities;
  • Biotech & Agri – innovation companies with interest in the entomology industry.

All Potential Partners, having interests of our AGRY_GAYA’18 Project can directly contact us here