Bio Company “Lopyanko”

is a young innovative company in Bulgaria with high caliber team of experts in all areas covered within AGRY_GAYA’18 Project.

The main objective is to establish an industrial plant of a circular economy type in Danube Region for organic silk production and further utilization of the waste products from primary production as high quality secondary raw materials.

For us, using high-performance solutions and technologies that deliver maximum performance with minimal energy and time consumption is a matter of professional attitude.

We are convinced that Lopyanko’s success is the people working for our company.

That’s why we will constantly invest in human capital and experts in the areas of agri – innovations, bio products, innovative textile technologies, entomology and nanotechnologies.

Our Team

Desislava Dimitrova

Founder of the Bio Company Lopyanko Ltd.

M.Eng & M.Sc Mrs. Dessislava Dimitrova with higher technical and economic education and 19+ years of experience in Bulgaria and abroad with competencies in:

  • Industrial Management
  • Foreign Trade
  • Team management
  • Financial Management
  • Business Development and Planning
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Project Management

Victoria Dimitrova

Business Development Manager

M.Eng Mrs. Victoria Dimitrova. in the field of new decision making systems and processes. With higher technical and economic education and 13+ years of experience with competencies in:

  • Essential oils & Homeopathy, organic products
  • Nutrient, Health & Safety Management
  • Team Management
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Control Management

Our Advisors

Acad. Prof. D-r Tzvetan Tzvetkov

The founder and the head of the International Cryobiology and Lyophilization School in Bulgaria, Mr. Tzvetkov developed a scientific branch of cryoconservation of tissue cultures, organs and organelles. Unique achievements have been made in this direction concerning the methods and methodology of their conservation and their quality parameters as well in bio products and bio preparations. / Since 2000 acad. Tsvetkov has been the President of the National Center for Agrarian Sciences.

The scientific and training activity of acad. Tsvetkov has been ranked high by Prof. David Pegg, manager of Cryobiology Department at the Applied Biology Institute at the York University in the town of York, UK: “The research papers of Prof. Tsvetkov have earned high scientific acknowledgement and contributed greatly to the progress made in the field of general biology.”

Prof. Tzvetkov is a member of the US Red Cross organization, the International Cryogenics Institute in Paris, the US Association of Tissue Banks, the International Confederation of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, the Japanese Society of Low-temperature Medicine, and a number of scientific centers in the former USSR. Due to his high international appreciation was being elected as a Vice President of the Cryobiology and Lyophilization Commission at the International Cryogenics Institute in Paris.

Dr. Evripidis Kipriotis,
National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF),
Komotini, Greece

Agricultural Research Station of Komotini belongs to the National Agricultural Research Foundation (N.AG.RE.F.) of Greece and is situated in Komotini Town in Northern Greece. It has three main research directions and more specifically: Animal production; Sericulture and moriculture; Energy and nonfood crops. N.AG.RE.F taking into consideration the recent developments around silkworm production, decided the support and development of the Sericulture Division in the Komotini Agricultural Research Institute and also included sericulture into the agreement for scientific and technical co-operation with the Bulgarian Agricultural Academy and the Chinese Committee for the Research and Technology.

The station is very well equipped by the necessary laboratory tools for making research in mulberry and the silkworm biology, physiology and biochemistry as well as selection, silkworm rearing and feeding.

Mrs. Tzvetana Dimitrova, Eng., CEO of Svila JSC,
Haskovo, Bulgaria

Company “Svila” JSC has a rich long experience in the production of natural silk. Mrs. Dimitrova was the CEO of the silk-spinning factory in Haskovo District, Bulgaria more than 15 years. The factory produced 86% of the national output of raw silk. She led high caliber team of experts in the silk reeling and re-reeling processes, as well the whole process related with cocoons growing, feeding, drying, etc. Her experience is well known in Japan Textile Industry, together with the high quality raw silk, produced under her supervision, knowledge and expertise.

Automation of the manufacturing process started in 1972-78 with the introduction of the first Japanese production line for raw silk (with the help of leading Japanese specialists). Since then for almost 20 years, 80% of the production of raw silk was exported to Japan. During 1990s, additional production capacity was built in order to have a closed cycle of production: silkworm eggs, raw cocoons, raw silk fabrics, clothes and accessories, 100% made from 100 % natural silk.