“Bio Company Lopyanko” Ltd. – Large-scale Circle Economy fully automated Fabric.

Final CompletionJune 2019
Plot Size4,722.00m²
Building Size2,800.00m²
HeightUp to 10.00 m
Raw Silk Area Industrial Buildings /IB/
IB 1 – 360 m² – collection, grading, sorting, preparatory phase of the input raw materials
IB 2 – 420 m² – hydro-treatment and reeling processes
IB 3 – 330 m² – processes for drying raw material and by-products
By-products AreaIB 4 – 350 m² – reeling processes and laboratories
Administrative building – 320 m²
ProductsRaw silk, Silkworm Protein powder, Silk Sericin, Food Supplements, Biomass
Minimum Production Capacity50,000 kg Raw silk /per year/
40,000 kg Protein powder /per year/
25,000 kg Silk Sericin /per year/
50,000 kg Raw cocoons /per year/
EnergyElectricity and backup power supply with generator
Technological processes and methodsPatent and know-how under company ownership
Control VariablesLighting, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, etc. – depend on product production
Laboratories & Research FacilityLaboratories Rooms available for ready products and Research and Development Room and Training halls
Environmental MeasuresAccording the technological processes in the new production, soil, air, surface and groundwater contamination is not expected to occur from its implementation. The equipment has additional filters installed against dusting and environmental pollution.